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President and CEO Bill Mueller

Mr. Mueller has been in the recruiting/career development industry for approximately 35 years. Prior to the internet being readily available to the general public, Mueller was already offering an online recruiting pier to pier platform to D/FW employers. He also managed a chain of resumes services, a small management recruitment firm as well being a major player in the job fair industry and past owner of American Career Fairs doing business across the country. Ineedajob.com first came online in 1998, and because technology continues to improve at such an extraordinary rate we are currently undergoing our third major renovation of the site. By the time most of you read this the renovation will be completed. Our customers will now be able to post their applicant profile online for even non-paying customer’s to view; view Jobinars (job related Videos that encompass almost every phase of the career search field, which includes our new video blog.) Applicants will also be able to view job search results from several different grids so applicants can scan through jobs they way they want to. Because Mr. Mueller worked in helping people acquire jobs and as a hiring employer ineedajob.com offers a unique perspective on the recruiting industry.

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